Almost 3 out of every 1,000 full-term births in developed countries involve some form of HIE injury.According to one study performed in 2011, up to 60% of all infants affected by HIE either die within the first 2 years or develop cerebral palsy and other serious disabilities. Because oxygen deprivation is a near-constant risk during some pregnancies, doctors should serve as the first line of defense against this condition, by carefully monitoring both the mother and the baby for signs of oxygen loss.In spite of the prevalence of HIE, many people are unfamiliar with this condition, and how deeply it impacts children and families across the world.

To boost awareness and challenge :

Some of the biggest HIE myths, the Hope for HIE organization is hosting

Hope Never Ends

a global campaign conducted on social media and within local communities. Hope for HIE also offers resources, tools, and outreach groups for affected parents to find support and peace of mind.