It is a story about a little boy that really charm and active. But one day, MRI showed that that boy had a brain tumor. He underwent a six hours surgery to remove his tumor. He also had temporary brain tube put in to help control his cranial pressure. A biopsy of the boy's tumor showed it was an aggressive type of brain cancer called medulloblastoma, and that their family needed to start treatment soon. To know more about how the boy was treat and how he can live, WATCH the video !


It is a story about a baby named,nishka which was suffered for medulloblastoma since she was 3 months old. It is devastated for both parents to accept that the baby need to face a lot of treatment where else another baby was happy with their life at home. Baby Nishka faced more than 3 operation, her tumor was getting better but after about 4 months,the baby had passed away. To know more about the journey of the baby, you can follow the instagram as below.

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